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Dr Maria Hayes-Yapp BSc MBA DPhil(Oxon)  – Bio-Energy Healing

Bio-energy healing works on the principle that blockages and imbalances in the body’s natural energy flow can give rise to ailments of a physical, mental, spiritual and/or emotional nature.  Bio-energy healing helps to release blockages or imbalances, so restoring the balance of body mind and spirit.

Maria is a qualified bio-energy healer, certified by the Bi-Aura Foundation. She has experience of working with clients who are living with cancer and their families.  Clients have reported a range of benefits. These can include: more energy, improved mood, better sleep and the alleviation of physical symptoms.  The treatment thus helps clients to cope more easily with the challenges presented by serious illness.

During a Bi-Aura session, the client remains fully clothed and there is limited physical contact with the therapist, apart from the occasional light touch here and there.  A session typically lasts for an hour (slightly longer the first time, when a brief history is taken) and to gain full benefit a series of sessions is recommended.

For more information, contact Maria on 07768 077 143 or .

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