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We have a varied team of therapists and clients can have up to 6 treatments per year. Here is our therapist directory for you to read through. If you wish to have any treatments please contact Mary direct as an initial contact and she will talk you through the process.

Katherine offers a variety of Holistic and Complementary treatments from Pebble-Moon Holistic Wellbeing Centre in Seaton – 11, Marine Place, Seaton, Devon, EX12 2QJ (opposite Lloyds Bank).  Closest car park is Co-op, and disabled parking is in Eyre Court Road.

An experienced Counsellor and Holistic Therapist Katherine works with you to help you turn “stress into serenity”. Having returned to East Devon after running her own retreat in Brittany, France, Katherine offers Aromatherapy and Restorative Massage, Reiki (she is a Reiki Master), Counselling, Reflexology, Crystal Therapy, Colour Therapy, Yoga and Mindfulness Sessions. She also has an adjacent Meditation and Yoga Studio offering 1-2-1 and small group classes. As everyone and their situation is unique, Katherine offers a free holistic wellbeing consultation to find the right treatment for you.  For more information please call 07834954993

She is also offers the following sessions either in person or via Zoom for  Counselling or  Hypnotherapy

·       Psychotherapy Resilience and Happiness,

·       Hypnotherapy,

·       CBT,

·       NLP,

·       EFT,

·       Stress & Anxiety

·       Mind Full to Mindful™ (which is a combination of counselling and mindfulness meditation) –

·       One to one Zoom Yoga or Meditation session.

For more information call 07834954993 visit availability & booking via


Hayley graduated from the prestigious Delamar Academy in 2008 and has been working as a successful make-up and hair artist ever since, including two years as Head Make-Up Artist at Urban Retreat @ Harrods.

She has worked all over the UK and Europe, helping both men and women find a look and a self-care routine that works for them.

Be it skincare, hair styling or make-up, she can offer

lessons and product advice to help you find your style,

and feel the best version of yourself.

She can also just do you a fabulous make-up look for a special occasion, with a few tips and tricks thrown in along the way.

All products are professional quality, and natural/organic where possible.

Sessions can be in the comfort of your own home, providing you have space and enough light for the treatment, or from her studio space in Thorncombe.

She will also be booking some clinic days at the treatment room in Axminster, as well as organising some group workshops.

You can find out more via Hayley’s website
Tel: 01460 30901

Clients can choose from the beauty treatments or support with hair styling pre/during or post chemo.


Andrew studied at the University of Bath and Twickenham, and benefits from 15 years experience in Sports Massage, and 4 years experience in Acupuncture.

He began his career in Sports Massage alone, and now uses Acupuncture, Electro Acupuncture and Kinesiology Taping along side massage as additional therapies, as he believes that they help accelerate and complement the treatment he provides.

Sports massage involves the manipulation of deep layers of tissue in the body, including the fascia and other supportive tissue that make up the muscles and joints.

Massages have been used for many years across the world to lower both physical and psychological stress, ease muscle tension, and rehabilitate injury increasing flexibility and reducing pain – and research continues to show that whether used alone or in conjunction with other treatments, Sports Massage is an effective way to help treat common conditions like arthritis, anxiety and lower back pain.

Not only are they relaxing, but they also help lengthen and release muscles that regularly feel tense and get stuck in uncomfortable holding positions.

So whether you are an athlete placing high demand on your body, or recovering from an injury or illness or just a bit achey, sports massage will undoubtedly have some benefits to offer you.

Andrew provides a mobile therapy service, and can cater for your requirements in the comfort of your own home… So whether you are looking for post-operative rehabilitation, need to recover rapidly from injury, or simply wish to soften aches and pains, Andrew will employ the latest techniques and equipment to rehabilitate your body back to full fitness.

Having lost his mum to Breast Cancer 12 years ago, Andrew has broad knowledge and understanding of those suffering, and the families offering support, and on this basis, is keen to help those in need in his field of expertise.

For further information, a consultation, or to book an appointment with Andrew, please contact him on 07739849555

Lisa Galvani is a trained nurse who spent 20 years in the NHS. Passionate about combining her nursing background with beauty therapy, she retrained as a Beauty Therapist and Makeup artist 5 years ago at The Oxford International College of Beauty.

In 2017, Lisa opened In Harmony Beauty Salon, based in Silver Street in Lyme Regis, creating a calm, tranquil oasis where clients can get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

She offers Jessica spa manicures and pedicures, facials using Lovegrove Essential Organic products as well as Made for Life Spiezia Organic products. She also offers Indian head massage, Lava Shell massage and makeup lessons using Jane Iredale natural, mineral vegan makeup.

Telephone: 01297 445138

Sophie is an Integrative Counsellor and a Complimentary Therapist, with over 30 years experience in offering Holistic Massage, Indian Head Massage, Reflexology & Reiki. She has worked in many different settings, including within the voluntary and community sector in Bristol as well as working as a project worker on a Complementary project working with Bristol Cancer help centre, now known as Penny Brohn.

Integrative Counselling – Sophie works intuitively as an Integrative counsellor, providing a kind, compassionate safe space for you to be truly heard, a space for you to express yourself without any barriers or judgement. A space for you to bring the real you, the one we hide behind a veneer of “I am fine” when someone asks how you are.

Sophie sees counselling as Life Supervision, something everyone needs at different times of their lives to work through the sticky bits of life. A counsellor is a guide, who enables you to find your own way home. To feel truly heard without adaptation by someone else’s own experience seems such a rare and extraordinary thing. As a counsellor it is about stepping aside from your own experiences and judgements to allow another’s words and feelings to be shared in all their entirety as if experiencing alongside them.

Holistic Massage – Sophie works intuitively with her hands and how your body is presenting. She works deeply when necessary, as well as with gently soothing massage too..

Reflexology – This therapy uses the reflection of the body on the feet to assist the body in finding balance (homeostasis) Reflexology is very relaxing and seems to help the body to eliminate toxins. Many people say that it helps reduce pain, enhances mood and improves sleep.  Reflexology can help to create the necessary sense of calm and wellbeing that’s essential to cope with life.

Indian Head Massage – comes from Ayurveda, which takes into account mind, body and spirit. Helps to release tension to muscles, aiding relaxation and generally clearing a busy mind. Returning a sense of balance and harmony. Good for stress. Useful also for eye strain, headaches and mental fatigue.

Reiki – (pronounced Ray Key) is an ancient laying-on of hands healing technique that uses the life force energy to heal, balancing the subtle energies within our bodies. Reiki addresses physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances. The area being treated often feels warmth or tingling, even when a non-touching approach is being used

Sophie use natural, organic massage oils & balms

You can contact Sophie on mobile –  07719997329, landline 01297 442572 , email or see her facebook pages

Hannah offers massage treatments and yoga classes (either in person or via a video link) from her Studio in Thorncombe, West Dorset and at Axminster Hospital on Mondays. Hannah says, “We understand the healing power of touch and how significant it can be when we need comfort and steadiness, and that the regular practice of simple movements can be very beneficial to mind and body. When these are combined with sensitive breathing, stretching and relaxation techniques, the healing effects on body and mind can be deeply profound. No experience is necessary. Let me know what you need and we’ll take it from there.”

To book, please contact Mary at ALCS, email or call 07971 434336.

To book, please email or call/text 07971434336.

As a Remedial Bodywork Therapist, for me to be able to help my clients to find health and wellbeing mind and body, I firstly  need to understand WHY they are experiencing pain, ailments and dis-ease, what the primary causes are and follow the trail and pattern of restrictions within their body.

With quiet listening hands, I follow these adhesions through the fascia which envelopes and holds our musculo-skeletal, visceral and nervous system from beneath our skin down to a cellular level.

Connecting and following the fascia web of the body draws me into the adhesion(s) to its point-of-ease and by continuing this direction and holding the body, it allows my hands to connect deeper. By following the body’s tapestry I seek the root cause be it physical and/or emotional.

An intrinsic part of this physical and emotional healing is for the client to be able to slow down from their lives and to find time to truly listen to their body.  Chronic pain and injuries are generally a development of adhesions and restrictions forming a compensatory response overtime, which eventually can no longer be held…something gives way.

A fundamental part of the treatment is that I create a safe, kind, non-judgemental space upon which the client can feel at ease and to allow the process of release physically and emotionally that is comfortable for them.

This space becomes a foundation of the connection of the clients mind and body, to be able to listen and observe their body to gain knowledge and realisation. Through self-love, self-care and self-acceptance finds empowerment, and as a partnership we are able to unpeel these layers to heal one’s health and wellbeing mind and body.

Every Wednesday evening at 20:30 I host a live guided meditation on zoom for 30 minutes. For more information, please feel free to join The Pyjama Revolution Group on Facebook.

If you do not have access to Facebook, please email me directly for the zoom link.

Gemma Norris – CNHC/MISRM -07787 376043

What, exactly, is oxygen therapy?

Oxygen therapy refers to breathing 100% oxygen for an hour under pressure, which raises the level of oxygen in the tissues and cells of the body, and consequently improves healing and well-being.

To obtain increased pressure, individuals sit in a pressure chamber, known as a barochamber, similar to those used in diving. We have two steel chambers, one seating up to three people and the other seats up to seven in comfortable arm chairs.

Barochambers can be pressurised up to twice normal atmospheric pressure (2 ata, equivalent to 10 metres). An ‘ata’ is short for ‘atmospheres absolute’. Treatment plans normally start at 1.5 ata (5 metres), moving through 1.75 ata (7.5 metres) to 2 ata (10 metres), depending on the individual.

The pressure inside is increased by using compressed air, and oxygen is provided by a built-in breathing system, normally administered through a well-fitted mask. This is similar technology used in pressurised passenger aircraft.

Oxygen therapy is administered by trained operators. Oxygen treatment sessions are simple, non-invasive and painless, and once they have become accustomed to the procedure most users find the sessions pleasurable and relaxing.

What is it used for?

At the South West MS Centre, we provide oxygen therapy for a wide range of conditions

at a relatively low cost (capacity allowing) such as cancer, diabetic ulcers, non-healing

wounds, stroke, fibromyalgia, Lyme’s Disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, migraines,

head injuries, Functional Neurological Disorder (FND), Parkinson’s Disease, sports

injuries and other neurological symptoms.

What is an oxygen therapy session like?

Each session lasts approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes and consists of three phases:

Start: Pressurisation (10-15 minutes)

Individuals are settled into their seats and checks are made that the masks fit and are operating correctly. The door to the chamber is closed and the pressure is built up gradually by our trained operators over the course of 10-15 minutes. There will be a whooshing sound in the chamber increasing the pressure.

Middle: Treatment (1 hour)

When the pressure reaches the prescribed levels, our operators will speak through the intercom to advise that the pressure has been reached. Individuals can rest, read or listen to music for the hour. During this time the operator can be contacted via the intercom.

End: De-pressurisation (10-15 minutes)

The operator advises users when the session is complete and reduces the pressure gradually, until it is the same as the normal air. At this point, the barochamber door will be opened and the session ends.

What if I’m Claustrophobic?

We also run regular oxygen sessions at zero pressure, which simply means we leave the chamber door open and do not introduce pressure at all during the hour session. You will still wear an oxygen mask to receive the oxygen, but it is less claustrophobic for many people.

The chambers have porthole windows in them so that you can view outside, and there is a two-way intercom with the operators if you have any concerns.

Are there any side effects?

Some people may experience ear discomfort, however we will teach you some easy ways to rectify this.

What can I take into the chamber?

Only a few items are permitted to be taken into the chamber, and we ask that any bags are see-through. People take in books, magazines, crosswords and mobile electronic devices, however, all mobile devices must be on airplane mode so that the signals do not interfere with the equipment.

For more information on oxygen therapy and how it helps you can go onto our website; send an email phone 01392 447411 or visit The South West MS Centre, Clyst Heath, Exeter, Devon, EX2 7EY

Sara studied Physiotherapy at the University of Birmingham and qualified with a Bsc (Hons) in 2009. Since then she has continued to expand her skills as a physio by training in acupuncture, physio Pilates and obtaining an orthopaedic medicine diploma. In 2014 Sara took the decision to set up her own private physiotherapy clinic in Lyme Regis. She combined sport physiotherapy, injury prevention and post op management with rehabilitation and Pilates.

Sara understands the struggles of those suffering with cancer and their support network, having lost her father-in-law to pancreatic cancer earlier this year and her Gran 2 years before, so Sara would be able to offer empathy and  support to those that need it. Physiotherapy can help with muscle tensions and aches and pains following surgery, tension due to stress or general musculoskeletal pains. It is common for shoulders to become stiff and sore following certain operations, such as mastectomy, therefore physiotherapy in this instance can be highly beneficial.

Sara would take a full medical history and it would be advantageous to have had an xray of the affected joint, if clinically relevant, to allow a sound clinical judgement to be made regarding the source of the pain and therefore the best course of treatment.

For more information regarding Sara and what physiotherapy can help with please visit or contact Sara directly on 07729  302131

Hilary Sharp is a qualified acupuncturist registered with the British Acupuncture Council  (MBAcC).
Hilary came from running and personally managing two care homes for the elderly between 1983 and 2001. She developed an interest in Alternative Health by looking at the whole needs of each person and the benefits to the individual when total care is given.

In 1989 a life threatening illness enforced a 5 year recovery and time to think of the future. In desperation when western medicine was failing Hilary embarked on alternative therapy and after a slow but total recovery she signed up for the first course in acupuncture. This episode proved to change Hilary’s life!

In 2000 Hilary graduated from The College of Integrated Chinese Medicine and has become more and more fascinated by how acupuncture can change peoples health. In 2006 Hilary completed a 2 year Paediatric Diploma delivered by Julian Scott  – world renown Lecturer in Acupuncture for Children.

Constantly exploring the many fields of acupuncture Hilary is able to offer a diverse base of knowledge in a broad range of areas some of which are shown on the web pages. Email or telephone 07738 630186, or visit

Sue is an experienced and accredited practitioner of the Bowen technique, having trained at the College of Bowen Studies.  Previously she was a veterinary surgeon as a small animal vet for 36 years in her own clinic in Edinburgh.  After retiring in 2015 she moved to Devon & retrained in the Bowen technique, Sharon Wheelers ScarWork including Adapting this for Breast surgery, MSRT and TMJ or Orofacial pain and issues.

Sue offers treatments from her home at Birchill, which lies midway between Chard and Axminster.

These treatments can be Bowen therapy or Scar release but they also work well together.

The Bowen Technique, developed by Australian Tom Bowen in the 1950s, is a gentle, hands-on therapy that addresses all types of musculoskeletal pains and is designed to stimulate the body’s innate healing ability. It has been hailed as one of the fastest growing and most successful treatment methods in the country.

The technique uses a specific set of gentle rolling movements with the fingers and thumbs on precise points on the body. These gentle motions trigger impulses in the brain to stimulate healing, release fascia and blocked energy plus improve blood flow and lymphatic drainage.

Main Benefits of Bowen:

Reduces muscle tension – Reduces pain – Increased lymphatic drainage -Increases mobility

Decreases stress

ScarWork and McLoughlin Scar Release Technique MSRT

The effects of post-surgical scars on the human body cannot be underestimated.

The body forms scar tissue as a natural response to trauma when the skin is lacerated or punctured either by accident or purposefully ie. surgery.  A Scar is Collagen  laid down during the repair process results in a thickened, fibrous mass which can impede proper circulation of blood, congests lymph flow, and can even impact on Range of Motion.

Additionally, the severing of delicate nerve tissue often results in abnormal sensation of not only the scar but the adjacent, surrounding tissue. As the scar is fibrous and non-elastic it will have a dragging and pulling effect on function of all physiological systems particularly the fascial membrane covering muscles, organs and glands.

Benefits of Scarwork & MRST

Reduce pain and restriction

Reduce adhesions – both superficially and deep within the system

Restore nerve function including numbness, pain and sensitivity

Enhance movement of the surrounding tissues, to reduce pulling and sticking

After work the scar may visually appear smoother, but the emphasis is on the underlying tissue changes within the fascial system and therefore improved function.

Sue has also trained in specific Scarwork for Breast surgery.

TMJD Temporomandibular Joint issues – the Jaw joint

Temporomandibular joint diseases and disorders are a complex and poorly understood set

of conditions that can cause pain in the area of the jaw joint and associated muscles and/

or problems using the jaw. Both or just one of the temporomandibular joints may be affected.

TMJ diseases and disorders can affect the ability to speak, eat, chew, swallow,

and even breathe

This is a very common but undiagnosed syndrome even by dentists.

Headache, toothache, neck, shoulder problems could be TMJD.

Stress and anxiety are major causes of the painful syndrome.

The Therapy involves neuromuscular release, retraining and exercises.

Online services

I am able to offer online therapy session is all of the above techniques.

These are 1-2-1 sessions using Zoom.



TMJ therapy

I am also offering a FascialFacial online: this is a wonderful, gentle, relaxing and effective facial you can do on yourself without using any chemicals or special products.          

07939 135123

Julia has worked with cancer patients and palliative care for 30 years, within the NHS and hospice while more recently from her garden studio in Bridport as an independent practitioner. Julia is insured to work during COVID regulations following strict guidelines for safety and care.

I am able to offer both hands on therapy and also movement to help through your cancer journey. I was trained in clinical aromatherapy , reflexology, and the M technique which I teach and practice. My massage is lymphatic based, allowing the lymph system to work as best as it is able, alongside this I offer medical lymphatic drainage MLD and Mcloughlin and Willie Fourie scar treatments. These treatments can be offered individually or combined to best help at the particular time, prior to treatment, post surgery, supportive through chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Kinesiotaping and Hydrovat Deep Oscillation can be added to treatment particularly for lymphoedema management. Tripudio Movement is  ideal to assist moving fluid and aiding mobility through your treatment and beyond, I am the founder. M technique is a very light touch hypnotic manual therapy encouraging deep relaxation , reflexology is a great balancer and can assist with problems such as constipation, neck and shoulder problems and so much more, equilibrium and deep relaxation too. My essential oils are organic or wild crafted and from small growers ensuring the best therapeutic quality. I blend oils for each client to suit their particular needs, emotional and physical.

Contact Julia 07734511287

Kelly is a highly trained and experienced beauty therapist who has been working in the profession for over 15 years.  With experience of both working in local beauty salons and being a mobile therapist Kelly is able to bring a holistic approach to her treatments.

Kelly trained in Exeter and recently passed with distinction her level 3 NVQ in Spa and Beauty.

Kelly is able to offer manicure, pedicure

(gel polish available) , facials , massage

(including Thai Foot Massage) and Indian

head massage. Kelly uses Tropic organic

products which offer a range full of

essential oils and amazing fragrances.

Kelly is a mobile therapist so able to visit

you in your own home by arrangement or we can arrange a room at the drop in for a treatment.

To arrange an appointment with Kelly please call her mobile on :07944241081

I qualified in Nutrition in March 2021 and am a member of the Royal Society for Public Health.  Since qualifying, I have continued my studies with a special interest in nutritional support for Cancer – before, during, after treatment and beyond.

I have been passionate about health and nutrition all of my adult life; always eager to learn about the latest evidence-based guidelines for increasing health and preventing disease.

I am also a Bowen Therapist.  I qualified in 2008 and am a member of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).  I have enjoyed a busy and fulfilling practice, working with people of all ages, using this wonderful technique to help relieve pain and allow the body to reset and rebalance itself.

I love working with and supporting people on their journey to health and recovery.

Please contact Beth on – or 07899 956648

Having retired from primary school teaching due to ill health, Laura discovered hypnotherapy as a way to overcome the chronic pain, anxiety and depression associated with Endometriosis and Fibromyalgia. She was amazed at the difference she could make to her own well-being. This inspired Laura to research into hypnotherapy and she went on to study with Adam Eason at the Anglo European School of Clinical Hypnosis. She graduated with a Hypnotherapy Practitioner’s Diploma (HPD) and a diploma in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and now specialises in helping with anxiety and pain management. Laura is a member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH) and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).

Laura uses a combination of hypnotherapy, NLP and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to help her clients. She believes that the relationship between the client and therapist is very important and will do her utmost to ensure that you feel safe, confident and listened to. Every person is unique and will require an individual treatment plan depending on the issues that you identify as important. Contrary to popular belief, hypnosis is not about giving up control to the hypnotist, but actually about gaining control over your thoughts and feelings. It is a very empowering and enjoyable therapy.

Hypnotherapy can help those affected by cancer and their families both during and after treatment. It can help with:

  • pain management
  • overcoming anxiety
  • managing depression
  • increasing relaxation
  • reducing nausea
  • coming to terms with physical and mental changes
  • overcoming survivor’s guilt
  • overcoming phobias (needles, white coat syndrome etc)
  • developing a positive mindset

Laura works from a cosy therapy room in Serendipity in Honiton High Street and can also make home visits.  If you would like to know more about hypnotherapy or have a chat with Laura about how she could help you, she would love to hear from you – call her on 07577 485250, visit her website, or email .

Dianne was a teacher and mentor for many years and after completed a Professional Doctorate alongside other degrees, she now practices as a Coaching Therapist specialising in working with cancer. Her Doctoral research was a unique South West based study which focused on women living and working with breast cancer. Dianne was diagnosed with breast cancer over 20 years ago. Having both a personal and professional knowledge and experience, she is uniquely qualified to coach clients through a health crisis like cancer and help them through this most difficult time in their lives. She is passionate about living well with cancer and says: “Working with cancer is not just about surviving, it is also about thriving. I enable clients to explore their personal issues of embodiment, helping them work through issues of confidence to bring their whole bodies back to work or choose another career path.”

What is coaching?

Purpose driven coaching enables a client to explore their ‘legacy of now’ – what is important to them post cancer experience, and what they can they achieve and contribute to the well being of themselves and others. Coaching is an equal partnership where the client chooses the direction their journey will take. They will be introduced to an variety of learning, ideas and approaches which all belongs in the marketplace of modern life. One example of this is practising mindfulness meditations at the start of a coaching session. This can help relax the client and create greater awareness of what it is they want to change. Sessions are currently virtual via SKYPE, Zoom or telephone usually lasting for an hour and over six sessions.

Dianne can be contacted by phone on 01460 220587 or text 07517 866513. Alternatively, you can email her

Please visit her website learn more about her practice

Nayna Kumari is a body-focused psychotherapist. She did her Masters in Psychotherapy and Healing, studied Trauma with Babette Rothschild and learnt about how mind, body and emotions interact at The London School of Biodynamic Psychotherapy. Nayna trained in Bereavement Counselling with CRUSE Bereavement Care then worked on their National Helpline and helped with training volunteers.

 Nayna has been in private practice since 1994. She writes articles, gives talks and leads workshops about how experiences affect our health and behaviour. She believes the aim of therapy is to improve the quality of your daily life.

 Psychotherapy, Body-Psychotherapy, Bereavement Counselling, Pre-bereavement Counselling, Stress Therapies, Solution-focused therapy are all available through Nayna.

Nayna has recently moved back to London and is offering on-line consultations. You can ring her on 020 8995 7088 or e-mail

With a passion for horses, Lee, Sarah and their family, along with dedicated voluntary members have been running Woodhouse riding stables since 2012.

“We opened with 4 rescue horses and slowly the riders appeared, the word spread and before we knew it our horse family expanded. Now we are the owners of 25 horses and ponies, running our fully licenced and insured business in the beautiful countryside.”

The stables are open all year round and welcomes riders from the age of 4yrs and up, from complete beginners to experienced riders.

Lee is well known and respected in the area for his knowledge of horses, alongside teaching people to ride he also studies horse behaviour and helps problemed horses, teaches horse owners and riders how to communicate better with where horses through body language.

“We are very lucky to have such wonderful countryside to ride through, it’s a great way to relax and make new friends”

Everyone is welcome, so if you have never been riding before and would like to try something new or if you are an experienced rider and want to explore the countryside come and join us in the saddle.

Karen is our local Tripudio Instructor, offering classes in Axminster. Tripudio is movement with a focus on the fluid systems of the body, including the lymphatic system and the cardiovascular system. Principles from manual lymphatic drainage massage are combined with fascia (connective tissue) release techniques and translated into movements.

Tripudio classes start and finish with a specifically designed warm-up and cool-down sequence that follows the protocol of manual lymphatic drainage and focuses on balance. The rest of the class is a combination of connective tissue stretching, non-weight bearing gentle strengthening and low impact aerobic dances set to music. Exercise is gentle to avoid fatigue and overexertion of the venous system.

The class can be taken standing or seated. Tripudio is therefore ideally suited to mixed levels of fitness and everyone can work to his or her own ability.

You can contact Karen on 07572 543781 or email Her Facebook group is 

Additional information about Tripudio can be found at

Zoe is a  GP referral for exercise consultant with over 20 years experience in swimming teaching and coaching, having set up SwimSouthWest over 15yrs ago and bringing the life skill of swimming to hundreds of children privately and in schools around the SouthWest.  In recent years she has been working more with adults and water therapy.

“I love the diversity of all the magic the water can offer both from a therapeutic angle and the lifesaving and fitness skill of swimming. On a Weekly basis I see people benefiting in the most rewarding ways, physically and psychologically.

A session in the water can be uplifting and relaxing and can enable the body to utilise medication to its maximum benefit and reduce the side effects. With the support from the water joints can move more freely and exercise with a bigger range of motion, reducing impact due to reduced gravity.

I enjoy the ability to be flexible and bespoke in what I can offer, maybe you would like to swim for fitness and fun, need to improve your crawl or learn to swim with your head in or spend some time enjoying the healing properties of water therapy tailored to your specific needs.”

Zöe King  FIOS MIOS (LC)
07968 374888

She works with individuals who are struggling with life events in a compassionate and nurturing way, respecting each person’s journey while feeling honoured to accompany them along the way.

Barbara says “People who come to see me can sometimes feel confused and overwhelmed by what is going on for them: whether it is in their bodies or minds or emotions. Together, we take time to observe and pay attention to what unfolds in order to move towards more understanding, clarity and healing. This process brings my clients closer to a place of ease, where they can feel more contentment and acceptance, despite the challenges they might be facing.”

Barbara often integrates her skills as she finds that they complement each other well – for example Breathwork can be a useful tool for anyone practicing Yoga or exploring counselling.

Appointments can be made for 1-2-1 counselling, breathwork or yoga.

Everything at the moment is done online, mostly via Zoom.

COUNSELLING: Barbara offers weekly one to one sessions and you can find useful information on her website.

YOGA: As well as private sessions, there are also three weekly group classes:

Dynamic Yoga Monday and Thursday at 9.15 am and Restorative Friday at 5.30 pm. Each session lasts about 75 minutes.

BREATHWORK: Barbara offers a five week course, with weekly 40 mins online sessions, access to guided practices and email support between sessions.

You can contact Barbara on 07941 045004 or via her website

Barbara Mella 

Psychotherapy Mindfulness Yoga

0794 1045004

You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.
Jon Kabat-Zinn (teacher of Mindfulness Meditation)

Lindsay has been in the health and fitness industry for over 20 years working with the local community. In 1998 Lindsay became a gym instructor and thoroughly enjoyed helping people improve their lives through fitness so much so, that she decided to further her understanding.

In 2002 she undertook an extensive course in Personal Training and qualified as an Advance Personal Trainer with a Diploma in Personal Training and Sports Massage Therapy, Certificates in Optimum & Sports Nutrition, Circuit Training and Body Massage.

In 2004 she qualified as a children’s instructor, enabling her to teach younger people in a gym environment, understanding that younger people have different fitness requirements than adults, this also gave her the opportunity to work with family groups, collectively.

With her sports massage therapy qualification Lindsay was receiving clients on a regular basis with back issues. Her research and love of functional exercise led her to ‘Pilates’ a wonderful form of exercise suitable for all levels of fitness and abilities and both genders. In 2006 Lindsay qualified as a ‘Beginner’s Pilates’ instructor and soon realised that Pilates was not just her sports massage therapy clients, as due to its effective strengthening, mobility and flexibility attributes, it was a must for all her clients, and she was soon holding regular classes. By 2008 Lindsay had qualified as a ‘Intermediate Pilates’ instructor and in 2010 qualified as an ‘Advanced Pilates’ instructor; this has enabled her to further help her clients, coupled with  sports massage therapy knowledge, Lindsay’s classes encourage people to achieve the exercise’s but also understand what muscles they are using and why, in a fun and informative way.

In 2011 Lindsay trained to be a Nordic Walking instructor, her own knee injury leading her to find a form of exercise that took her outside and gave her a similar experience to running; (one of Lindsay’s greatest joys) without the accompanying pressure on joints.

In her own words:

“it was becoming obvious that my road running days were coming to an end (due to loss of ligaments in my knee through a skiing accident), in fact even walking more than 4 miles in one walk was making my knee sore, so when I tried Nordic Walking and found I could walk all day with NO pain, I was delighted” “That was a few years ago now, and during that time, instructing and leading walks throughout East Devon I found a new way of enjoying the countryside”.

Phone: 01297 553522


Angela says: “I am constantly amazed at how effective Yoga is in helping us deal with life. When I was diagnosed with cancer in January 2018, my daily yoga practice became a space in which I developed the inner resources to deal with this life changing illness, and unfold the qualities of self awareness, resilience, stability, faith and trust that enabled me to meet this challenge and use it as an opportunity for growth and change.

How can yoga help people living with cancer?

Yoga offers a range of practical tools with which you may help yourself and mobilise your inner resources:

Relaxation calms and balances the nervous system, and alleviates the anxiety and stress which depress immune functioning and hinder healing.

Breathing exercises improve respiration, relieve tension, and restore balance and calm.

Meditation develops the detachment and clarity that enable us to acknowledge and accept the realities of cancer, and to manage our fears and worries.

Physical postures increase energy levels, help to remove toxic waste, and enhance the functioning of our internal organs and systems.

Angela has taught yoga for 13 years (BWY) and trained to teach ‘Yoga for People Living with Cancer’.

For 1-1 therapy or to try a group class please call  07443 461606  or email

Nadiya has taught yoga since 2012 and is passionate about sharing Therapeutic Yoga and Mindfulness to restore people’s physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Nadiya offers online and in-person weekly and monthly classes, six-week courses, and 1-2-1 Yoga Therapy sessions tailored to your specific needs, which can be ideal for:
– easing into yoga before joining a class
– focusing on personal goals or developing a home practice
– reducing stress, anxiety, depression, or chronic fatigue
– recovering from an injury or managing aches and pains

Nadiya is passionate about yoga, especially Restorative Yoga, which is a practice close to her heart. Having restored her health and wellbeing with the nourishing practice, she now enjoys sharing it so others can experience the many benefits.
Nadiya trained at the Devon School of Yoga under Duncan Hulin (2011) and has a postgraduate certificate in yoga therapy. She has completed additional courses in subjects ranging from restorative yoga, mindfulness, yoga for ME and chronic fatigue, Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs, Yoga Nidra (guided meditation), Ayurveda, and dance movement therapy.

Nadiya is registered with the Independent Yoga Network, a member of the BWY (British Wheel of Yoga) and is fully insured to teach.

Mobile: 07800 712998

Jenny is a qualified counsellor who is also a trained equine-assisted psychotherapy and learning practitioner. She offers equine-assisted therapy on her idyllic smallholding in the Somerset countryside, integrating the healing power of animals with her professional counselling skills.

Equine-assisted therapy can be a powerful form of support for people who are experiencing stress or struggling with their emotional or mental health. Horses have a similar emotional system to humans and respond positively to people who are authentic in their thoughts and feelings. They can be soothing when clients are distressed or anxious and energising for clients who are feeling depressed or de-motivated.

Jenny says “in my therapy I facilitate my horses’ remarkable ability to connect with, and gently reflect back, underlying – and sometimes painful – feelings. This experiential form of therapy allows clients to acknowledge and process distressing experiences and uncomfortable emotions in a non-verbal and unconfrontational way”.

This therapy programme has been developed with funding from Macmillan Cancer specifically to support people who are coping with the emotional impact of a diagnosis of cancer. It is suitable for people who are seeking support at different stages of their condition and treatment up to 5 years after diagnosis.

No prior horse experience is required and all activities take place on the ground and can generally be adapted to clients’ physical capabilities. The therapy programme offers 4 sessions, lasting between 60-90 minutes, normally on a fortnightly basis.

For more information see Jenny’s web-site:

Or e-mail Jenny at:

She brings the skills that actors use to her work, helping people to manage nerves, to feel confident and to be able to get their message heard – whether at work, in a medical consultation with a surgeon, nurse or doctor or in everyday life with friends, partners and children.

She has been a voice coach since 2003, working in the public and private sector in groups or with private individuals.  Her own experience of cancer this year and her recovery have made her aware of how her work translates to helping with the recovery process and building physical and mental confidence through that time.

She is happy to work with your remit, and specialises in the following:

Maximising Vocal and Physical impact – be heard and be seen

Speech preparation and delivery (Weddings etc.)

Confidence building at work/ Returning to work

Interview Nerves

Dealing with difficult conversations

Being Heard – and using your authentic voice.

People describe working with her as:

“Focussed and encouraging”, “Surprising and effective”, “The best experience I’ve had in 30 years of training”, “My ability to get my ideas across and engage my audience is so much better, I used her methods to stay focussed, breathe and take my time. A real game changer!”

If you are interested do call Sasha on 07789426234 or email:

Member of British Actors Equity since 1979

PTTLS Trained.


Beth Webb is a soul midwife based in the Axminster area offering comfort, support and reassurance to help a dying person experience the death he or she wants as well as support for the family.

Soul Midwives are non-medical, holistic companions who guide and support the dying in order to facilitate a gentle and tranquil death.

Soul Midwives

  • listen, provide gentle therapeutic techniques and ensure compassionate care at all times
  • work holistically with both the spirit and the soul of the dying person
  • keep a loving vigil
  • create and hold a sacred and healing space for the dying person
  • recognise and support the individual needs of the departing soul to enable a tranquil death
  • use sound, touch, colour and smell and other gentle techniques to help alleviate pain and anxiety
  • support families and loved ones


Email –

Telephone – 07920 100575

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