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Hannah Lovegrove – Massage Therapy

Hannah has been a facial and body massage therapist for many years. The therapeutic uses of essential oils, along with health and wellbeing are among her main interests. She is also a well-known and respected Yoga Teacher and offers facial and body treatments and private yoga classes from her Studio in Thorncombe, West Dorset. Hannah says, “Long before natural and organic products were fashionable, I was drawn to study their effects, and the way they work synergistically, gently and effectively to support and heal. I am keenly aware of the damage caused to the body by synthetic molecules, particularly those we ingest through smell and topical application. Essential oils play a huge role in relieving the negative effects of our environment and our lifestyle. My treatments combine the therapeutic effects of essential oils and fresh herbal infusions together with many years’ Iyengar Yoga experience in relaxing the body. The effect is a luxurious and profoundly restful treatment.’

You can find out more about the complete range of treatments available at Hannah’s website
Tel: 01460 30901

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