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Gemma Norris – Myofascial Release, Visceral Release, Reiki II, Sports and Remedial Massage BTEC4- Meditation

As a Remedial Bodywork Therapist, for me to be able to help my clients to find health and wellbeing mind and body, I firstly  need to understand WHY they are experiencing pain, ailments and dis-ease, what the primary causes are and follow the trail and pattern of restrictions within their body.

With quiet listening hands, I follow these adhesions through the fascia which envelopes and holds our musculo-skeletal, visceral and nervous system from beneath our skin down to a cellular level.

Connecting and following the fascia web of the body draws me into the adhesion(s) to its point-of-ease and by continuing this direction and holding the body, it allows my hands to connect deeper. By following the body’s tapestry I seek the root cause be it physical and/or emotional.

An intrinsic part of this physical and emotional healing is for the client to be able to slow down from their lives and to find time to truly listen to their body.  Chronic pain and injuries are generally a development of adhesions and restrictions forming a compensatory response overtime, which eventually can no longer be held…something gives way.

A fundamental part of the treatment is that I create a safe, kind, non-judgemental space upon which the client can feel at ease and to allow the process of release physically and emotionally that is comfortable for them.

This space becomes a foundation of the connection of the clients mind and body, to be able to listen and observe their body to gain knowledge and realisation. Through self-love, self-care and self-acceptance finds empowerment, and as a partnership we are able to unpeel these layers to heal one’s health and wellbeing mind and body.

Every Wednesday evening at 20:30 I host a live guided meditation on zoom for 30 minutes. For more information, please feel free to join The Pyjama Revolution Group on Facebook.

If you do not have access to Facebook, please email me directly for the zoom link.

Gemma Norris – CNHC/MISRM -07787 376043

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