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This message was sent to us from a grateful client after having used the beach hut:

“We so appreciate having been able to use the Mary Anning beach hut.  The provision of recliner chairs and 2 folding ones plus two portable tables and a kind welcome voucher really has made a colossal difference to our special time with family enjoying a seaside holiday.  I was so exhausted by the heat today that by 2 pm I dragged myself away from the recliner on the pebbles and found blessed relief from the heat lying down within the shady hut.  Without it I think I would have been in danger of passing out. I certainly could not have found the strength to walk back to the car park or up the hill to the house. I think the hut is a brilliant idea. I love the scent of the new wood.  Thank you so much for arranging the booking. We will be back if possible.“


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