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Rachel Tettersell Jurassic Footsteps Nordic Walking

Rachel has been Nordic Walking for around 5 years and completed her Instructor training with Nordic Walking UK in December 2020. Wanting a change of career, Rachel left her office job and desk behind to start Jurassic Footsteps Nordic Walking. Rachel, a former leader within the global Girl Guide movement who has years of experience organising outdoor group activities, is passionate about the outdoors and the benefits of Nordic Walking.

“I first got into Nordic Walking when I attended a taster session. As an outdoorsy person and avid camper I’m always up for trying new activities in the open air, and I was amazed by the effect that adding a couple of poles into the mix had on the walking experience,” she adds. “By using the specially designed poles, you can exercise all the major muscles in the body, and they actually propel you along so it feels easier.”

As well as the physical benefits of Nordic Walking, Rachel finds the activity is beneficial for her mental health. “During COVID lockdowns, Nordic Walking has helped me to connect to the outdoors and nature, and is a great way to decrease my stress and anxiety levels”, she says. Her aim is to bring an accessible form of exercise to the community, encourage others to become more active but in a sociable way. She enjoys walking in the local area around Axminster and East Devon, appreciating and connecting to the countryside and coast on her doorstep. When not walking, you can find Rachel curled up reading a good book and drinking endless cups of tea.

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