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Teresa Searle -Indian head massage and Reiki therapist

Teresa qualified in Indian head massage and Reiki in 2014, She is also an intuitive astrologer, medium and spiritual advisor. After working with children full time for 22 years, in 2017 Teresa set up her own business- intuitsoul giving intuitive guidance and providing holistic therapies. She works from home in Exeter as well as at Serendipity in Honiton.

Indian head massage has been practised in India and Asia for over 5000 years, it is a gentle massage which works on the scalp, face, neck, ears, arms upper back and shoulders. Used with or without relaxing aromatherapy oils Indian head massage enhances circulation and aids all of our systems to restore, assisting our bodies in self healing, helping us to get rid of unwanted toxins within our body and mind, helping us physically and mentally to unwind and relax in a world where we can’t stop thinking, worrying, and feeling tension in those shoulders.

Benefits are:

  • Relaxes the nervous system and eliminates the fatigue caused by mental stress and strain.
  • An effective device for aiding sleep.
  • Improves blood circulation and lymph flow.
  • Helps to get rid of toxins in our body.
  • Increases vitality and builds up immune system.
  • Is great for the hair. Stimulates the follicles and encourages hair growth.

Sessions are up to 40 minutes.

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning ‘spiritual energy’ or ‘universal life force energy’, it is performed with the client fully clothed, with hands being placed on certain points of the body to bring healing and balance. My spirit guides work with me assisting to give the energy that you need to any blocked areas. Reiki is very relaxing and people often feel a shift in energy after the first session, often clients see colours and get clarity during a session too.

Benefits are:

  • Aligns and balances your energy centres.
  • It is relaxing and calming, reliving any stress or worry.
  • Releases negativity and toxins.
  • Can help you to make positive life changes.
  • Can help to relieve symptoms that may cause any pain.

Contact details phone: 07969 827328  Website:     Email:

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