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Breath Workshop

Barbara is a Psychotherapist, Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher, and Breath Coach

She works with individuals who are struggling with life events in a compassionate and nurturing way, respecting each person’s journey while feeling honoured to accompany them along the way.

Barbara says “People who come to see me can sometimes feel confused and torn by what is going on for them: whether it is in their bodies or minds or emotions. Together, we take time to observe and pay attention to what unfolds in order to move towards more understanding, clarity and healing. This process brings my clients closer to a place of ease, where they can feel more contentment and acceptance, despite the challenges they might be facing.”

Barbara often integrates her skills as she finds that they complement each other well – for example Breathwork can be a useful tool for anyone practicing Yoga or exploring counselling.

Appointments can be made for 1-2-1 support, counselling or yoga.

For the breath work, Barbara is doing a course which involves 1 initial session to do tests and ask questions

  • 4 x once a week x 30 min (video call)
  • Homework daily x15 min
  • Access to guided practices
  • Email support between sessions

You can contact Barbara on 07941 045004 or via her website

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