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Newsletter No.31 – March 2021

March feels like its gone much faster with the end of home schooling, the spring weather, lambs appearing in the fields and restrictions eased very slightly. I think we all in hope for the end of March restrictions update happening but also have a bit of fear it may be delayed. Something we cannot control, just follow what we need to do and when.

It will just be so nice to be able to sit in a garden and have a chat with family or friends that we have not been able to do at all this year. It will make us appreciate everything so much more.

I hope you are all managing to get out into your gardens and plant and watch things spring to life. I found a poem written by a 94 year old in a care home for this month’s edition and although he wrote it last May it still is how many of us feel. We have light at the end of the tunnel now with more and more people undertaking the jab with not too many side effects so this is also a positive.


Can you believe we have done a year of Zoom drop-ins and meetings now but in the background here at the charity we are working on our face to face return to drop-in and workshops that have been postponed for the last year.




In this edition – 

  • Beach Hut update
  • Welcome to the new therapist – Gemma Norris & Lindsay Shadrach
  • Axminster Market & Online Shop
  • Poem – COVID-19
  • Nordic Walking, Singing Workshop & Fly Fishing
  • Feedback from Look good, feel good event
  • Ways to support and connect with ALCS
  • Recommended Website
  • Dates for your diary & future events
  • Therapist Support Meeting
  • Guided Visualisation with Zoe

Beach Hut 

The Beach Hut is due to re-open on the 29th March 2021.

You are able to book 2 days per month and the calendar is open until end of December 2021. Days not used will NOT be able to be rolled over. As usual any last minute cancellations will be offered to those at our drop-in sessions and then advertised on Facebook. 

If you would like to book the beach hut – please follow the link below

Gemma Norris – Myofascial Release, Visceral Release, Reiki II, Sports and Remedial Massage BTEC4- Meditation

As a Remedial Bodywork Therapist, for me to be able to help my clients to find health and wellbeing mind and body, I firstly need to understand WHY they are experiencing pain, ailments and disease, what the primary causes are and follow the trail and pattern of restrictions within their body.

With quiet listening hands, I follow these adhesions through the fascia which envelopes and holds our musculo-skeletal, visceral and nervous system from beneath our skin down to a cellular level.

Connecting and following the fascia web of the body draws me into the adhesion(s) to its point-of-ease and by continuing this direction and holding the body, it allows my hands to connect deeper. By following the body’s tapestry I seek the root cause be it physical and/or emotional.

An intrinsic part of this physical and emotional healing is for the client to be able to slow down from their lives and to find time to truly listen to their body.  Chronic pain and injuries are generally a development of adhesions and restrictions forming a compensatory response overtime, which eventually can no longer be held…something gives way.

A fundamental part of the treatment is that I create a safe, kind, non-judgemental space upon which the client can feel at ease and to allow the process of release physically and emotionally that is comfortable for them.

This space becomes a foundation of the connection of the clients mind and body, to be able to listen and observe their body to gain knowledge and realisation. Through self-love, self-care and self-acceptance finds empowerment, and as a partnership we are able to unpeel these layers to heal one’s health and wellbeing mind and body.

Every Wednesday evening at 20:30 I host a live guided meditation on zoom for 30 minutes. For more information, please feel free to join The Pyjama Revolution Group on Facebook.

If you do not have access to Facebook, please email me directly for the zoom link.

Gemma Norris – CNHC/MISRM -07787 376043

Lindsay Shadrach – Nordic Walking – Health & Fitness

Lindsay has been in the health and fitness industry for over 20 years working with the local community. In 1998 Lindsay became a gym instructor and thoroughly enjoyed helping people improve their lives through fitness so much so, that she decided to further her understanding.

In 2002 she undertook an extensive course in Personal Training and qualified as an Advance Personal Trainer with a Diploma in Personal Training and Sports Massage Therapy, Certificates in Optimum & Sports Nutrition, Circuit Training and Body Massage.

In 2004 she qualified as a children’s instructor, enabling her to teach younger people in a gym environment, understanding that younger people have different fitness requirements than adults, this also gave her the opportunity to work with family groups, collectively.

With her sports massage therapy qualification Lindsay was receiving clients on a regular basis with back issues. Her research and love of functional exercise led her to ‘Pilates’ a wonderful form of exercise suitable for all levels of fitness and abilities and both genders. In 2006 Lindsay qualified as a ‘Beginner’s Pilates’ instructor and soon realised that Pilates was not just her sports massage therapy clients, as due to its effective strengthening, mobility and flexibility attributes, it was a must for all her clients, and she was soon holding regular classes. By 2008 Lindsay had qualified as a ‘Intermediate Pilates’ instructor and in 2010 qualified as an ‘Advanced Pilates’ instructor; this has enabled her to further help her clients, coupled with  sports massage therapy knowledge, Lindsay’s classes encourage people to achieve the exercise’s but also understand what muscles they are using and why, in a fun and informative way.

In 2011 Lindsay trained to be a Nordic Walking instructor, her own knee injury leading her to find a form of exercise that took her outside and gave her a similar experience to running; (one of Lindsay’s greatest joys) without the accompanying pressure on joints.

In her own words:

“it was becoming obvious that my road running days were coming to an end (due to loss of ligaments in my knee through a skiing accident), in fact even walking more than 4 miles in one walk was making my knee sore, so when I tried Nordic Walking and found I could walk all day with NO pain, I was delighted” “That was a few years ago now, and during that time, instructing and leading walks throughout East Devon I found a new way of enjoying the countryside”.

Phone: 01297 553522


Axminster Market & Online Shop

On Thursday 1st April at Axminster Market between 9am-1pm we will be having a cake sale along with this you will be able to purchase our cards and recipe book. Greeted with a smile and hello from some of our friendly team of volunteers.

Please click the link to browse our items – If you are unable to make it the items are also available via the online shop.

Poem –  ‘COVID-19’, by Bill age 92

I waken to a sun-blessed morn

A little bird salutes the dawn,

Another golden day – and yet

A sadness darkens the prospect.

For lockdown is still in force

And I’ll be isolated – it could be worse,

No contact – well – within two metres

A formal nod to friends and greeters.

No hugs or kisses – all are banned

Two metres gap – no shake of hands,

All love and affection put on hold

Til lockdown easing we are told.

The human spirit – ever strong

Will overcome this, however long,

And as the sun shines on our lives

The day will come when Joy survives.

Nordic Walking

We are delighted to be able to start arranging Nordic Walking again and exciting news to be able to work with two Nordic Walking Instructors!

Regular walks with Gillian If you are experienced and have walked with Gillian before and would like a block of walks please get in touch.

For taster, beginners, 1-2-1 and general walks with Lindsay Shadrach

The first session will be on Wednesday 31st March 2pm for further information please email

Singing Workshop – 17th July 2021

Would you be interested in a singing workshop with the potential to start our very own singing group/choir?

We are looking at holding a workshop on the 17th July. The event would include breathing work, lunch and singing. If you would be interested please email. so we can start planning if numbers allow us.

Fly Fishing – 3rd June or 1st July

We have two dates where 5 people can do a taster session of fly fishing, this will be near Tolpuddle and either on 3rd June or 1st July.

This is only available for people who have had breast cancer. Covid restrictions allowing transport can be shared.

More information to follow but please contact Mary or Donna if you are interested. If there is a lot of interest we will get some more dates. Further information from the website

A  Shaving Workshop for MEN! 

Feedback from a gentleman who attended the online look good, feel better workshop online recently.

I joined an online workshop hosted by Look Good, Feel Better, it was all about shaving and skin care for men, I learnt that it’s almost as complicated for men as it is for women. Bearing in mind that it’s a subject we men don’t really talk about the workshop was a surprise. The leader was an expert who taught barbers how to shave from beginning to end, hid demonstration included shaving off about 4 or 5 days of stubble. I learnt a lot especially in the discussion with other cancer patients.  I now know that we men need to be open about our support needs.

PS There’s a good bag coming with sample products – yippee, I’ll be smooooth!”

Ways to support or connect with Axminster & Lyme Cancer Support

If you wish to donate online you can via a one off payment or a monthly donation. Just click the link below and follow the instructions.
Thank you so much for your support.

Lyme Regis Co-op
If you use Lyme Regis Co-op we are one of their community funds charities – every time you shop they donate to us If you use the store and are not already a Community Fund member please sign up. This really does make a difference to us.

Amazon Smile
We have signed up to Amazon Smilie so when you make purchases they donate money to us. Please sign up and select us if you have not already done so

Please help support us by shopping online.  Use easyfundraising to shop with over 3.600 retailers including Argos, John Lewis, ASOS,, eBay, Boden and M&S. Every time you shop, you’ll raise a free donation for Axminster and Lyme Cancer Support – it’s that easy! Start Easyfundraising today!.

You can now also find us on Instagram as axminsterandlymecancersupport. Install the app to follow our photos and videos.

Below is the link to our Facebook page which has different posts to our Instagram.

Recommended Website

This is one of my favourite online shops and it also raises money for charity. OddBalls was established in 2014 and has quickly become one of the biggest underwear brands in the UK. With over 300 unique underwear designs, sportswear, clothing and accessories we have something for everyone!

We are proud to donate to, support and make underwear for some brilliant charities. Over the past 6 years we have donated in excess of £400’000.

Over the past 6 years we have developed partnerships with some of the biggest sporting bodies and teams in the world, including: The British & Irish Lions (coming soon), England Rugby, Welsh Rugby Union, The Wallabies, England Football, England Cricket, Welsh FA and hundreds of professional clubs across the UK and around the World.


The OddBalls Foundation cares about your balls. Founded in 2016, the Foundation raises awareness of Testicular Cancer across the UK. Ambassadors visit schools, universities and workplaces, delivering talks on Testicular Cancer; reminding men to check their balls – and removing any stigma and embarrassment about it! OddBalls has donated 100% of our profits to the Foundation for the last four years.

Keeping it below the belt for women as well as men, OddBalls partnered with Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust back in 2018. Helping them raise awareness of Cervical Cancer (and screening) through our marketing, branding and the sale of our female products, so far we have raised £10,000 to Jo’s Trust. We’ve committed to doubling this by 2021.

Dates for your diary

Weekly drop-in sessions – Mondays 2-3pm

We are currently holding  our weekly drop-in sessions  virtually via Zoom on Mondays 2-3pm. Please do message us for more information if you have not already joined in. Information is also posted weekly to clients. We also create an event via Facebook and you can contact us for the code direct should you wish to join us. Please make sure you use your name when logging in to zoom to allow us to recognise you and allow you onto the session.

We swap top tips, exchange some positive stories and support where we can. We also now have weekly slots to meet the therapist where they talk about the treatments they offer and how they offer it, so you have an insight and can ‘meet’ the person before you sign up.

Zoom is free to join, just download the app on any device. As with all of these platforms it is recommended to check the privacy settings and unsubscribe to advertising. This should be an option when you sign up if not at the bottom of the confirmation email.


Visualisation with Jane 

Jane will be running a 10-15mins Mindfulness visualisation each week after drop-in. Below are the April dates.

Monday 12th April- 3.00pm
Monday 26th April – 3.00pm

Consciously Seeking the Positive 

Monday 19th April -2.15pm-3.15pm

We are delighted to be able to welcome Ellie Sturrock back to do some mini workshops: This will be via Zoom with drop-in starting at 2.00pm and finished at 3.30pm

Future Events for 2021 – More details will follow for these events nearer the time and will be updated on the newsletter & website.

ALCS Open Day
Monday 26th July

Flower Arranging – Summer Flowers 
Monday 9th August

Annual Bottomless Tea Party
Thursday 26th August

Hills are Alive walk 
Saturday 18th September

Blokes Brunch – Axminster
Saturday 9th October

Flower Arranging  – Autumn Flowers
Monday 11th October

Auction of Promises 2021
Friday 12th November – Uplyme Village Hall

Flower Arranging  – Christmas Wreaths
Monday 6th December

Fortnightly Therapist Support Meetings.

This continues via zoom, the next one is scheduled for Wednesday 29th March at 7.30pm – If you are not already a member of the ALCS Therapist Facebook group request the link on an email.


Guided Visualisation with Zoe

Guided visualisation every Thursday on Zoom at 11:30 am. It is a half an hour session approximately and focuses on stilling the mind and bringing healing to the body, please come and join us it would be lovely to have see some new faces.


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