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Flamingo Pool – Swimming Sessions

The Flamingo Pool is a self-funded charity and was brought to reality by a massive community effort to raise funds following a lottery reversal of decision to fund the project. Local residents pulled together to ensure that the project became more than just a pipe dream. A steering committee was formed and worked tirelessly to find funding for the 25m pool and the country’s first 6m2 hydrotherapy pool open to the public. It has been at the heart of the community ever since.

At the Flamingo Pool, we aim to provide & maintain an eco-friendly public community swimming pool for the benefit of the residents and visitors of Axe Valley by offering the best aquatic activities in a safe & enjoyable environment, a high standard of affordable exercise, fun facilities, teaching programmes, classes & local employment opportunities. By using solar panels and pool covers, we lower our carbon footprint and save money.

Both pools are disinfected by Ultra-Violet (UV) light so that the level of chlorine in the pools is approximately a third of a normally disinfected pool.

If you are interested in having individual swimming sessions in the main pool please contact Mary direct

​The Flamingo Pool,

Lyme Rd,



EX13 5AZ

01297 35800

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