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Artist & Author

Christine Allison – Artist & Author

Christine Allison lives by the sea in Lyme Regis. She is an artist, and a writer. Her studio overlooks Lyme Bay, a view that inspires both her artwork and spiritual writing. Swimming in the cold sea is for her a daily ritual, which she describes as a ‘physical feel-good meditation’.

“Creativity touches my soul, fires up my emotions, gives me a buzz and puts a smile on my face. Immersion in the creative process draws me inward to a deeper place. Creativity is my lifeblood, it is woven into my blueprint, imprinted in my DNA and worn with my heart on my sleeve. Art has been my life long career. I trained at Saint Martin’s School of Art, London (BA Hons.) and Exeter University (PGCE teacher in secondary level art) and the New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture, USA, where I was given a scholarship for a year of postgraduate painting and drawing studies. My career has taken me through London design studios, schools, museums, galleries to exhibitions in the UK and the Middle East.”

“I am inspired to make art in my life and I am compelled to inspire others to make art. It is not just about making a clever drawing or painting of what can be seen but to find a way to portray what is felt. I encourage people to make art that is curious, real yet not real, inspiring, meaningful, uplifting, beautiful and personal…and most importantly, enjoyable to do and to keep.”

Art is an experience of the spirit.

If you would like to attend a workshop with Christine please see website for details and contact Mary to discuss:

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